1998 Dodge Xplorer 230XLW - Yet to tell us her name - Owned by Charlene  - Work began 4/28/2016

Goal:  Remediate mold.  Replace A/C.  Remove all soft furnishings.  Delete gas appliances, replace with electric.  Delete compact bathroom - replace with stool only.  Add second convertible bed.  Check functionality of solar system already installed.  Renovate/redecorate with cozy, welcoming, comfortable style.  Van will be used for pleasure, education and social functions. 


"Rose" (formerly "Royce")1973 Royal Holiday - Finished and for Sale!

Royce's Story

Again, if you're not the do-it-yourself type, never fear!  We've done it for you!

Advertised for sale on one of our favorite Facebook groups, Vintage Holiday Rambler Owners, Royce caught our eye immediately (just look at those pictures!) and we had to have him.  He was solid and apparently well cared for and roomy.  Holiday Rambler's top-of-the-line Royal Holiday, was the Rolls of the family in 1973.  

Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, D & S enjoyed visiting family on our way from Bonita Springs to Montgomery (where Monte finally landed) to Chicago to pick him up.  

Ceiling damage was obvious with water stains and star shaped buttons to hold up sagging tile (re-used as decoration now).  The not-so-obvious water damage became obvious once we got him home and started really looking him over.  Curbside windows were loose with wet plywood in the bedroom and living room.  Particleboard cabinets had some damage from swollen fibers and had to be removed.  Carpet was stained and musty and Royce's original sofa - which superficially looked to be in great shape, was not in adequate condition to include in his makeover :-(

Our initial plan was to leave Royce as original as possible, having only 3 weeks to get him ready for the Georgia Tiny House Festival.  But it didn't work out that way.  With all the damage requiring demolition, we decided to reconfigure him!  Although not sporting his original 1970’s décor, we did manage to save his expandable pull-out table, his counter top, stove, and complete bathroom.  Royce also has some cool throw back’s like a ticking clock, 8 track player (non-functioning – couldn’t find a repair person in 3 weeks!) and a built in cigarette lighter.

Royce makes his grand introduction this weekend, March 3-5 in Eatonton, GA at the Tiny Home Festival!  Friday is FREE to the public.  Saturday and Sunday require paid admission which is donated to charity.  We hope to see you there.

***3/6/2016 Update***  The Tiny House Festival was fun and we had a lot of positive feedback.  My favorite part was sitting outside and listening as people walked through the door and gasped.  Great reactions!  One couple considered buying both Royce and Doug's truck to pull him.  They went home and discovered that the way their driveway is situated in their subdivision, there is a utility pole placed in such a way that maneuvering Royce into where he needed to go was impossible.  The search for Royce's home continues

***3/20/2016 Update***  D & S visited the Antique and Vintage Camper Show at Reninger's in Mount Dora, FL with Royce last weekend.  Again, we had an interested couple who returned 3 times to look Royce over.  We had many positive comments but it was a small turnout.  We camped in him this time.  Furnace, shower, toilet, water, all systems worked just as they should.  Fun time!

***4/10/2016 Update***  Price adjusted to $12,500.  FB shares are at an all time high with hundreds of positive comments!  No offers yet...

***4/30/2016 Update***  Price adjusted to $10,500.  Royce reveals she is Rose!!!  - See Sarah's Blog!

**What We're Working on Next!**

"Holly" 1968 Holiday Rambler

Holly's Story

D & S bought a video camera!

Found on eBay, and located in St Cloud, FL, she was so close-by,  D & S decided to go see her before bidding.  They called the owner to get directions, but just after hanging up the phone, they realized the price had been reduced.  They decided right then to snap her up.  She had been sitting in her family's yard for about 20 years just waiting for the day when they could get around to restoring her.  Some unfortunate circumstances however, caused them to have to find another place for her to live.  This trailer holds many fond childhood and family memories for Catherine and we hope to honor her and her late parents by making this tiny home a showpiece once again.  

How could we go wrong with all of these fantastic teal fixtures and convenient layout?!  This one is just big enough to be comfortable and small enough to tow with ease.  It is already equipped with the modern amenities which will be tested and repaired/replaced as needed.  An A/C unit will be added and she will be ready to roll.  

***12/21/2016 Update***  D & S will start work on Holly, the Holiday Rambler in January.  She has a great floor plan with a full bathroom (look at that huge tub!)  And not only are Holly's appliances and fixtures turquoise, she has her original light fixtures, table and built-in cigarette lighter.  She's gonna take some work to repair her damage, but she will be a real beauty when we're finished.  Holly will be on display and available for sale (unless someone reserves her ahead of time) at the Tiny House Festival in Georgia in March.

***01/15/2017 Update*** Monte, being the drama queen that he is, has kept us tied up chasing down his glitches far longer than we anticipated.  So, Holly agreed to wait so that we could slip Royce into the workshop for a quick turnaround.  We promised her she really will be in the shop next!

1952 Spartan Royal Spartanette


Found on Craig's List, Sarah (the "S" of D & S) looked at this one last year when the idea of fixing up a vintage trailer was idea.  Back then, what she saw was overwhelming.  After a few months, some more thought and figuring out that they had the background to take these projects on, they started looking again, and there she was.  Recently re-listed on Craig's list and so close to home, this time, Doug (the "D") and Sarah went together to look at her.  And this time, she didn't look so scary.  So they decided to bring her home.  Of course, it took quite a bit of work on everyone's part to get her out of her home of many years and on the road.  The seller had to find the title and move some things out of the way.  Then he and Doug worked together to remove the old dry rotted tires and install new rims and radials.  Temporary tow lights were duct taped in place and Old Yeller (the truck) pulled her out.  It was touch and go at first, but once on the road, she pulled just fine to their home 20 miles away.  Then the real work began.  (Photo gallery will be updated as the project progresses.)  If you are interested in purchasing this gem, contact us by email and we can talk about your needs and ideas.  This tiny home on wheels (THOW) will have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room.  The modern amenities of air conditioning and holding tanks, not present in the original build, will be added.  (This project is in the queue and available!)

1948 Schult

Smithville, Tennessee Schult

As she's known to do, Sarah was perusing Craig's List and this lovely mature beauty with her stunning curves caught her eye.  Doug agreed that she was quite a looker and thought her potential was worth a look.  They got ahold of the owners and after a few conversations, decided they would set off on an adventure to see Ms. S (for Schult) in person.  With the structure shored up and interior started by the current owner, the history of the brand and the incredible potential of such a spacious design in mind, Doug and Sarah decided to add her to the family.  Although Ms. S has been given the opportunity to stay put until they have space, D & S bought her new tires and her now previous owner did the leg work to make her roadworthy.  She awaits the trip to SW Florida in a peaceful pasture in Tennessee.  The finished product will have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room.  Modern amenities of air conditioning and holding tanks, not part of the original build, will be added.  (This project is in the queue and available!)


SOLD! -  "Monte"1986 Holiday Rambler Monitor GL 

Monte's story

It's amazing what you can find when you're not really looking.  While browsing their Facebook newsfeed, Southwest Florida Barter Kings caught the attention of D & S with this rig in Cape Coral .  Quite unexpectedly, this high quality, well-maintained vintage RV became part of the family that very day.  The man who sold it to D & S, purchased this single owner beauty with increased family time in mind.  The demand for his work continued to grow, and even when he tried to get away,  he had to come back early.  So there the Monitor sat until one day he decided it was time to let it go.  The floor plan is attractive and practical with a sizable bathtub/shower and separate toilet/sink area.  Two twin beds, a fold out sofa and sleeping space above the cab makes this a true family friendly camper.  It is most definitely tiny home material as well!  The exterior will remain as is with some spiffing - not bad!  Engine work, gas tank valve replacement, a few tweaks here, a few there, a good cleaning, new floor and shabby chic decor and this one will be ready to go.  The Monitor comes with a binder full of information about every system and component.  This RV's original owner used it lightly and it shows.  (Come back later for "before" interior pics.)  (This is an active project.)

***9/29/2016 Update***  D & S has been busy on the Monitor.  They removed the carpet, tried some flooring, but it was not performing with the temperature fluctuations of Florida heat/AC.  So, they found a different flooring and they LOVE it!  They discovered some water damage in the bunk which required new paneling in one corner, new insulation and new bunk flooring.  They updated the transition between the cab and the camper, lightened things up with a distressed antique white on the cabinetry, added some accent paint and faux wood wallpaper, found some new to them/used, non-rose colored captain's seats at the junk yard and installed a new shower door since the old gold flake transparent one was cracked.  They offered the old room dividing accordion doors on eBay so that another camper could use them.  They are rounding the corner to the home stretch where they will fit the Monitor with window treatments, tweak the mechanics and take care of all the detail work.  The Monitor is being offered at the sneak peek, pre-sale price of $15,000.  Take a look at the video for an up to date look at the progress

***11/17/2016 Update***  Monte the Monitor is finished and ready to go home with you!!  We will be at the Florida Tiny House Festival in St. Augustine, FL this weekend.  Come meet Doug and Sarah there!

Monte's asking price is $15,000.  He asks you to compare him to the new vehicles of his class at upwards of $90,000.  Oh my goodness!!!

01/15/2017 Update  Monte has been delivered to Carolyn in Montgomery, AL.  They look forward to a life of travel and tiny living in the near future!


"Pinky" 1963 Mercury Monterey Breezeway

Pinky's Story

Okay, so it's not what most people would consider a tiny home.  But, it's the right vintage, so go with it!  

An evening looking through interesting classic cars on eBay led D & S to "Pinky".  They didn't really intend to make cars a part of the business, but that's the great thing about life, you never know what might come next.  Pinky came from a family farm in Great Falls, Montana where her former owner had kept her for more than 40 years.  When he and his wife passed away, his brother took ownership of her.  She arrived on a flatbed in excellent original condition - well, D & S think so anyway - with a few extra parts and a glove compartment full of service records.  She even ran and stopped!  This little lady was well loved and well cared for throughout the years.  It was just time for her to move on.  Pinky has original working A/C, awesome original interior, automatic transmission, original windows, lots of shiny chrome and in trademark Breezeway fashion, the rear window raises and lowers with the push of a button.  (Pinky is an active project and available!  )