Let’s try $10,500!

So, Royce and I had a talk today. When he said, “Now listen”, I knew he was serious.  He said, “First of all, my name is Rose, not Royce!    

You know sometimes you get an animal and you think it’s a he but it grows up a little, goes to the vet and, though you should have noticed by now, you find out he’s a she?  Yea, it’s like that.    

The second thing he, I mean she said was, “I know all your working capital is lovingly invested in me and I need to find a home so you can move forward, so get me sold!”   (Just remind them that my awning roller bent in half during the 5 minute mid-drought downpour we had a couple weeks ago and although Doug fixed my roller, the fabric still needs to be riveted to it.)    

Now, you may think I’m crazy because I talk to travel trailers.  Well, I talk to trees, spiders, bicycles, paint, refrigerators, you name it, I talk to it.  Any of you who have known me very well for very long know I am the same person who within a couple years went from having one dog to having 15 dogs of various sizes in a prominently located Victorian house with a small yard.  So… you can be the judge.   Either way, I’m okay with it.  

Rose is very observant, it turns out.  This whole time, I thought she was just sitting in the driveway watching traffic go by.  Not so!  It seems that she has been watching and listening and this morning she was ready to get my attention.  I guess I’ve been so wrapped up in what I thought things should be, like being so sure Rose was Royce, I’ve been missing the other possibilities.    Rose weighed in unexpectedly and substantially!