*SOLD - Monte looks forward to his new life with Carolyn.  He will be delivered to his new home in January!

 Welcome!  I'm Monte the Monitor and I'd like to become your tiny house, oasis, travel companion...your home.

 Home is where you park it........

Home is where you park it........

This is a compilation of videos from buying to finishing the retrovation of Monte the 1986 Holiday Rambler Monitor GL


(1986 Holiday Rambler Monitor GL)


Don't worry if you're not the do-it-yourself type.  We've done it for you!

Meet Monte! (He likes us to call him that.)  He is a handsome, vintage, 27 foot, solid, spacious, comfortable, cozy, newly spiffed and tightened up Class C RV with a great floor plan.  Monte would like to tell you that new Class C motorhomes are being sold for around $80k.  He also wants to point out that even tiny houses around his size are going for $35K and then you have to have the super duper duty truck to pull it in addition to the right zoning to park it.  So, he thinks that we aren't asking enough for him.  We told him to settle down!

All of Monte's systems have been tested and will be in working order when he leaves us.  

For the mechanics:  Monte has a new alternator, starter, starter relay, voltage regulator, distributor, rotor and button, spark plugs and wires, 2 batteries, 8 tires, 2 gas tanks and fuel pumps, fuel line, generator voltage regulator, muffler and 4 hub caps, (rebuilt carburetor and generator voltage regulator and muffler within the week).

For the aesthetics:  Most of his transformation is thanks to repair and creative use of discarded and or seriously discounted leftovers.  Because we set out to make Monte appealing to a variety of future guardians, we kept his decor to a neutral palate of grey, antique white and tan with a little bit of yellow thrown in for interest.  After all, yellow is close-to-neutral, right!?  

If we have a theme, it would be retro shabby chic eclectic, I think, with new bark cloth fabric remnants used in the window treatments, high end patterned linen remnants for the partition curtains, and industrial hardware to support both.  Cabinets have been painted antique white and distressed.  Sofa is original with reupholstered base and slipcovered cushions made from matching twin duvets.  The comfy front seats are junkyard finds from a Honda Odyssey.  The bunk curtains are a re-purposed linen bed skirt/dust ruffle.  An antique sewing table adds storage space and flexibility in the area where a small swivel chair used to be bolted down.  The kitchen sink was a salvage find ($10), which gave us more counter space, while the faucet has been re-used from the days of mauve Monte.  The tub/shower and bathroom sink and toilet are as they were - very clean and in good condition and only slightly color challenged (but we added the yellow to coordinate!) The floors are a beautiful barn wood grey vinyl plank for durability and easy cleaning.

Monte has lots of new mechanical and some new decorative parts, but even those were thoroughly shopped for best possible value. What we do is called retrovation - reuse, restore, up cycle, recycle, repair, salvage.  We have a combined 50+ years experience at it.   It has become our lifestyle through the years separately and now as a team and in business.  It remains our preference and our commitment to make the very best (with a retro flair) of what we find for the least possible cost. 

Email for a breakdown to learn what Interior Retrovation looks like in dollars